Atlanta Professional Boudoir Photography by Poetic Photo Professionals.

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Female Photographer

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Don't Believe Us? We'll prove it! We promise!

Being Sexy is an attitude. It's just a sliver or angle of who you are. Your job is just to be yourself and let us help bring out the sexy in you. With our experience, the right lighting and an hour or two together we will transform you into a thing of pure beauty. 

Poetic Photo Professionals has been taking boudoir photos in Atlanta since 2001. It's on our our favorite forms of photography - producing provocative and empowering imagery of beautiful women just like you. 


Artistic Boudoir

It may be cliche, but it's true. No woman is perfect. Even the most genetically gifted celebrity supermodels have something they wish they could change or hide about their bodies. The idea behind hiring a professional artist to create your boudoir images is to mask the characteristics you'd rather not share with the world (or those closest to you!) while showing off your very best features. That is our art, and what we strive for in every single photograph we take. With years of experience in posing, angles, lenses, and lighting, we've found what works for others - and for you, too. You are a beautiful woman, and we're going to prove it to you.   "Post-production" is an artistic processing of the photographs after your photoshoot. We are able to remove blemishes, smooth skin, hide wrinkles, add toning and glow, and enhance your natural features. Each image delivered to you in your online gallery will include this retouching process. Any prints and larger print products you may order will, if necessary, include a second round of retouching to make your images look absolutely incredible.   Although we love to make you look your absolute best, we are unable to accomodate requests for reducing waist sizes or adding/removing major features. We encourage our clients to wear outfits that flatter your best parts and hide those you may not love so much - and are happy to provide our advice and experience on what to wear before the session!

Atlanta Boudoir Prices for our Boudoir Photo Sessions start as low as $349. 

If you live in the metro Atlanta area and are looking for the perfect boudoir portrait or for your valentine gift choose Atlanta's own Poetic Photo Professionals. 

A Sensually Sweet Treat Boudoir Photo Shoot! (for the bargain shopper)
- Photo shoot at our studio, your home or hotel of your choice.
- Allows for 1-2 outfits changes.

- Sessions normally last about one hour.
- 20 digitally mastered and retouched photos from your boudoir photo shoot that you can share in your secure online gallery 

- 20 images on CD for only $50 upgrade (optional)

- Add a 6x6 Little Black Book, 16-pages for an extra $80, includes shipping + handling (optional).

* Add one of our Award winning Make Up Artist for $100

A Taste of Something Hot Boudoir Photo Shoot! The most popular boudoir photo shoot package in our collection this season.

- Photo shoot at our studio, your home or hotel of your choice.
- Allows for with 2-3 outfit changes.
- Boudoir Photo Sessions normally last 1-2 hours.
- 6×6 Little Boudoir Book with 16-pages, limit 12 photos. (Upgrade on book size available)
- 30 digitally mastered and retouched photos from your boudoir photo shoot that you can share in your secure online gallery 
- 30 images on CD for only $50 upgrade (optional). 

-shipping is not included (add $11 USPS Priority shipping).

* Add one of our Award winning Make Up Artist for $100

The Elegant Love Note Boudoir Photo Shoot!
- Professional makeup artist
- Photo shoot at our studio, your home or hotel of your choice. 
- Allows for 4-5 outfits! Sessions normally last 1.5-2.5 hours.
- 8×8 Premium Boudoir Book and 20 pages, limit 15 photos. 
- 1 bottle of premium champagne to ease your tension (must be over 21)
- 40 digitally mastered and corrected photos are digitally mastered and enhanced from your boudoir photo shoot that you can share in your secure online gallery
- 40 images on CD for only $50 upgrade. 

- shipping is not included (add $11 USPS Priority shipping).
- 15% off all other products, including our gallery wrap canvas prints and plush album options.
$999+ cost of hotel cost if chosen

The Perfect Love Boudoir Photo Session! 
- Professional makeup artist (make up only and hair)
- Photo shoot at our studio or hotel with up to 6-8 outfits changes! Sessions normally last 2-3 hours.
- 8 × 10 Poetic Photo Professionals Boudoir Book with an elegant texture cover and 20 pages, limit 15 photos. One 8 x 10 image per page, showcasing your beauty. 
- DVD of ALL digital enhanced images from your session, delivered with your album. Includes a print release which allows you to print additional copies of images.
- All photos are digitally mastered and enhanced from your boudoir photo shoot that you can share in your secure online gallery and downloaded
- 1 bottle of premium champagne to ease your tension (must be over 21)
- Rights to share, print and distribute the images for personal use
- 25% off all other products, excluding our gallery wrap canvas prints and plush album options.
$1999 (over 35% off our normal rates!)

Girlfriend, Book Club or Bridal Party Boudoir Group Session!

Call us for rates!




Weekend boudoir photography sessions are limited in availability due to demand. Appointments are taken in a first come first served basis. Call 404.434.0981 today to schedule your boudoir photo sessions or order online above and your Poetic Photo Professionals will contact you back to schedule your photoshoot. Most sessions are Monday – Thursday. 25% of your selected package price is due at the time of booking to hold your date and the time of your boudoir photographer. The 25% booking fee for your boudoir photo shoot is not refundable. The balance is due at the time that your boudoir photo shoot is complete.  Prices do not include applicable sales tax of 7% or any shipping fees. All packages must be picked up at our studio or additional shipping cost will apply. We do not like to ship boudoir photos in the mail. If you choose to have your photos delivered to you please understand that there are some risks associated with sending personal boudoir photos via US Mail. Poetic Photo Professionals makes every reasonable effort to protect your information and photos.

Both Male and/or Female professional photographers are available to schedule for your boudoir photography shoot based on your preference. Above are some examples of our Boudoir Portraits that we have taken in the Atlanta Area. 

DVD of included boudoir package photos available for $50.00 for boudoir photography packages. Does not include shipping. We prefer you come to our studio to pick up any prints, photo book and DVD you order of your professional boudoir photo shoot. 

Must have ID and be 21 for champagne and 18 to participate in boudoir photography in the Atlanta area by Poetic Photo Professionals. 

Boudoir photography is also known as:
- Bouchee photography or bouchee portraits / portraiture 
- Glamour photography
- Glamour Lingerie Photography
- Glamour Boudoir Lingerie Photography
- Lingerie photography or portraits / portraiture
- Sexy photography or portraits / portraiture
- Sensual photography or portraits / portraiture
- Semi-nude photography or portraits / portraiture

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Poetic Photo Professionals is a proud member of the Wedding & Portait Photographers International Association. 

Poetic Photo Professionals is a Proud Member of the Professional Photographers Association of America. 

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Question and Answer section about Boudoir photography by Atlanta's Poetic Photo Professionals. 

Q.) Are your boudoir male or female?

A.) We use only Professional Female Boudoir Photographers.

Q.) Do you offer both black and white and color boudoir photos?

A.) Yes, we offer both black and white as well as color photos of your boudoir photos. We also offer sepia and other color tones to create dramatic effects. If you're looking for a certain color or style of black and white or color boudoir photography please be sure to tell your boudoir photographer at Poetic Photo Professionals. 

Q.) What if I want more, less or something different than the numbers of boudoir photos included in the boudoir photography packages above?

A.) The boudoir packages above our just our most popular requests for people looking for professional boudoir photography in Atlanta. If you need professional boudoir photography in the Atlanta Area and need a slightly different package than what we offer in our boudoir photography packages give us a call and we will create a custom boudoir photography package for you. 

Q.) What if I want just normal portraits and not boudoir photos taken?

A.) With our professional photography services we offer more than just boudoir photography,  we also have portrait packages available on our Portrait Specials page.  

Q.) Does your package include taking boudoir photo for more than one person?

A.) No, our boudoir packages listed above are for (1) one person only. We do have discounts for occasions where we shoot multiple people that keep the prices reasonable. It's very common for girlfriends to decide to take boudoir photographs at the same time. We usually schedule these kinds of sessions at different times and let each friend share their boudoir photos and experience once all the photos are completed. If you have a party of 3 or more friends that book at the same time you can get a group discount on your boudoir photos.  Call 404.445.0088 to talk to your professional boudoir photographer and get a quote for group boudoir photography sessions.

Q.) I found you on Google Maps can I just drop by and get the boudoir photos taken?

A.) No. Our Studio is part of our house. You must schedule a boudoir photo session in advance. All boudoir photo customers who show up without an appointment will be turned away. 

Q.) Do you photoshop our images to take out any unwanted wrinkles, rolls or blemishes in my boudoir photographs?

A.) Yes. We use photoshop and other programs to remove as many wrinkles, rolls and unwanted blemishes as much as possible while still maintaining a boudoir photograph that looks like you that doesn't have the unreal look to it. 

Q.) How do we find your boudoir photography studio?

A.) You can use Google Maps to map yourself to our studio. Once you book your boudoir photo session we will send you the directions and links to our address on Google Places. 

Q.) Do you charge a deposit for my boudoir photo shoot?

A.) Yes. All boudoir photo sessions have a deposit to cover the cost of our photographers time. We charge 25% (whatever is greater) of the session price you selected. 

Q.) Is the deposit refundable if I cancel my boudoir photo shoot?

A.) No, the deposit for your boudoir photo session is not refundable if you cancel at any time. You must cancel 24hrs before the scheduled photo shoot or you may charged additional fees for travel. ($50 per hour for round trip travel if traveling to location outside of our studio)

Q.) What if I cancel once you get to my location for my glamour / boudoir photo shoot?

A.) We charge you the deposit plus $50 per hour for our travel which covers round trip travel to and from our studio. 

Q.) What are your hours for boudoir photography?

A.) Our hours are flexible because we shoot from our house. If you have a tight window of time call your photographer at 404.445.0088 to schedule your boudoir photo shoot at a time that works for you. We find the weekdays between 10-3 are great times to take the photos. We also have weekend appointments available on Sundays. 

Q.) Do I have to be 18 for Poetic Photo Professionals to take my boudoir photographs even if I am fully clothed in lingerie. 

A.) Yes. Even with parents permission we will not take boudoir photos of people under the age of 18. As it can cause legal issues. 

Q.) What happens if I show up and forgot my ID?

A.) We treat each case on an individual basis but we may have to reschedule and you would be responsible for the deposit fee for your boudoir photo shoot. 

Q.) I've never done anything like this do you provide any guidance? 

A.) Yes, once scheduled we provide you guidance before hand that outlines what to eat, drink and wear before after and during your boudoir photo shoot. 

Q.) I'm very nervous taking my clothes off in front of a stranger do you offer a professional woman boudoir photographer?

A.) Yes, we offer a lady boudoir photographer if you request it. Her time is in very high demand so you must schedule it beforehand when booking your boudoir photo session.

Q.) Can I bring my significant other to my boudoir photo shoot?

A.) While we understand you want support we find that having your significant other at the boudoir photo shoot can prevent you from getting into right sexy mindset needed to get great boudoir photos. Our professional Boudoir Photographers have had spouses ruining shoots by providing too much feedback while we are shooting your boudoir photos and not letting us do what we know needs to be done. When our male professional Boudoir photographers have a spouse at the shoot it can be very awkward as most men feel threatened by the photographer guiding and posing you to get the most out of the session. We recommend that if you feel you need someone with you that you invite a close friend, someone who you feel comfortable with and someone who will make you smile and not feel uncomfortable.