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Get the point of view as never seen before, from heaven looking down on your once in a lifetime day.  


Poetic Photo Professionals is the only wedding photograph company authorized by the FAA to offer Aerial wedding photos in metro Atlanta. We hold the required FAA 333 exemption, COA and liability insurance. If anyone else offers to provide this service to you, do not use them unless they can provide the following:

1.) FAA 333 Exemption

2.) COA for the UAV / Drone 

3.) Liability insurance of at least 2 million dollars with comprehensive coverage

4.) Their flight log showing they have at least 300 hours of flight time over wedding events. 

Poetic Photo Professionals has all the above requirements to fly a UAV at a wedding venue in addition and far more important in our minds is that we are actually photographers and know how to compose and shoot aerial wedding photos and video that are stunning. 


You can now capture your wedding in 4K HD Video with aerial drone videography and photography. 


Do you want drone aerial photos of your wedding? Do you want them to look good? Do you want make sure you're not breaking any laws when shooting your wedding aerial photos? Do you want to make sure that the company shooting the video has liability insurance? 

What's included:

15 Minutes Aerial Drone Videography & Photography During Wedding Ceremony fly time

15 Minutes of Aerial Drone Videography & Photography During Wedding Reception fly time

All Wedding Aerial Drone Videography is shot in 4K Video

All Wedding Aerial Drone Photography is 14 Megapixel or higher

All Drone Video Edited with background music and delivered on DVD delivered in professional personalized DVD case.

(Aerial Drone Wedding Videography & Photography Can Only Take Place Outside, For Safety Concerns We Do Fly Our Drone Inside)

Our Equipment:

DJI Inspire Pro:


DJI Inspire 1 (Primary Wedding Videography Drone)

Our DJI Inspire 1 4K Wedding Video Aerial DroneWedding Drone Atlanta - DJI InspireOur DJI Inspire 1 4K Wedding Video Aerial Drone DJI Phantom III Pro