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There's a story behind each picture and we want to capture that special moment not only in pictures but also in words.  We love working with our clients and we thank each and everyone of them for the opportunity to be a part of their special day. Please enjoy!

Customize your Photo Book

August 20, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

A photo book for everyone!

When your photos are in our galleries you can create a book for anyone!  

Create a book of your dreams!  Here are some ideas:

Baby's First Year

Wedding Album

Quineanera or Sweet 16th Birthday

Bachelorette Party

College grad student

High School Senior photos

Family reunions

Holiday photos

Pre-wedding or Boudoir

Favorite Pet, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, or Farm Animal


Whatever the reason, you can create a photo book, here on our website.

Select the photos, select Buy Photo Album, a designer will contact you to create the book of your dreams.

Design Fee: $50 (non-refundable)

All books start at $100

Processing Time:  21 days (includes selection, design, review and manufacturing)

US Shipping:  Priority (3-5 days): $20-$40



Missed Appointments and Cancellations

September 12, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Cancellation Fee:


If at any point you need to cancel your appointment please let me know within 24-hrs after booking the appointment.

When you book to reserve your spot there is a $50 non-refundable deposit.


If it is after 24-hrs and you cannot make the appointment, there will be a $75 Cancellation fee or the cost of the full photo session.

You can always re-schedule to a later date but you must commit to that date.


If the cancellation is due to rain or severe weather, both parties will have to work out another date that will work.

Rules and Guidelines for Parents

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I feel the need to tell my clients a few rules and guidelines regarding booking your photo session with me.  Let's make sure we understand each other so we don't run into any issues.  A photo session is a collaboration between you and the Photographer, to make it a success, you must trust your Photographer is doing his/her best to create an image you want to treasure forever.

Here is a broken down detail of some things that the Photographer can and cannot control.  If the list under cannot control affects the quality of the photo, you cannot blame the Photographer.

Do's and Don'ts

Do's Don't

DO tell your Photographer what you have in mind, provide examples.

DO give your Photographer reasonable amount of time to work on the finished product.  If you are not happy, please provide info how to correct the problem.

DO bring your own props, at times the Photographer would be happy to share some of her own props for use.  If any damages are done, the client will be billed for any damages.

DO follow the Photographer's instructions.  If you want to do it your own way, you will not be happy with the results.

DO select your Favorite photos, save to your Favorites album and download them quickly.  It is not the Photographer's job to keep track if you have downloaded them.  If you have any questions, please contact your Photographer.

DON'T take photos with your personal iPhone or Cell Phone during the session.  It is your job to stay out of the Photographer's way so he/she can get the correct angle and shots.

DON'T tell our Photographer to hold your baby while you are setting up.  The Photographer is not a babysitter.  The Photographer only controls the camera settings and locate the  proper lighting with the location given. If your hands are tied, please ask a friend or relative to help you during the session.

DON'T add to the photo session without talking with your Photographer first.  If you booked a Newborn session, it is only for Newborn only, Parents and Family members are not allowed in the photos.  You must book a Family/Group session, for more than one individual . If you booked a Model/Headshot, it is for one individual and waist up only.  If you booked a Portrait/Boudoir, it is for one individual and can be both close-up details and full body.  Each photo package is priced fairly for the amount of editing and equipments used.  

DON'T have arguments with your spouse in front of the Photographer.  It is flat out rude and disrespectful to everyone. It just creates a negative outcome, please just don't argue.  

DON'T tell your Photographer to make you look skinny or look like a celebrity.  You are who you are and we can only control what we see through the camera lens.

These are things the Photographer cannot control:

The Baby is moving.  The Baby is crying in all the photos.  

As the parent, it is your job to keep the children well behaved and follow simple instructions.


After reading this, please contact your Photographer that you "understand and agree to the terms above".

Thank you for your time and cooperation.


Why Pet Photography?

July 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Why Pet Photography?

As you can tell from our Poetic Photo Professional's logo, there is a clear silhouette of a Boston Terrier dog inside the lens of the Camera graphic icon.  We chose that logo because of my passion for taking photos and the sight of this dog breed just brings me so much joy and happiness.  I have never had a dog growing up and I was given my first dog by my husband when I turned 33 years old.  I was looking through different pictures of dogs from cute calendars and the one with the distinguished black and white features just caught my eyes.  

Boston Terriers are known for their intelligence, handsome tuxedo feature, silly personality and lovingness towards children.  I now have a total of four dogs, yes FOUR, you can't stop at just one.  My first dog is named Jack.  In fact, I have taken more photos of my dogs than my own kids.  I even made a photo book dedicated to my dogs.  Being a dog owner truly is a privilege and an experience I will never forget.  


Fell in Love with a DOG : Why? they don't' talk back or have vengeance.  They are good listeners and they sit by you so you can pet them.  I remember the first time Jack would follow me everywhere, he would sit under my chair when I am working.  He would wait by the bathroom, (those that have dogs understands this), even going to the mailbox, he would not leave my side.  He is my friend and protector.


Companionship :  My husband traveled a lot when my kids were growing up. He had a small house in another state and we don't get to see him so much.  He decided to buy another dog (this time a female dog) to keep him company when he comes home from work.  He also had other intentions to breed her and make some money on the side.  We found a breeder near our house and fell in love with Jasmine.  She was special, strong, comes from a long line of champion dogs, loving and has a unique birthmark on the side of her neck.  It was in a shape of a heart.  It was a clear sign that we must get her.  We got her when she was a few months old, my daughter loved her immediately and loves to play dress up with her and take her on walks.  She grew into a beautiful adult dog and later on was ready for breeding.  She gave us 5 puppies, we sold 4 of them and kept one girl, which we named her Snow.

Snow is officially my daughter's dog, while my daughter is attending school, Snow has been my grand-puppy, (Ha, that makes me a grandma!), she was the tiny one in the family, she loves to curl up and hide herself on my lap.  She was totally a lap dog.  She is like her mother, very loving, athletic, and a fast runner.


Our most recent dog is Sawyer, he is a cream and white French Bulldog.  I wanted a different breed this time, since having 3 of the same color dogs can get quite confusing.  I still love the short nose dog and since I graduated from UGA, I have always been a Bulldog fan.  French Bulldogs are just short and adorable.  I love their long ears, short legs and thick skin and coat.  They are just cuddly animals, almost like having a small koala bear but more domesticated.  Since Jack is getting older, I just wanted another puppy to play with.  My husband bought Sawyer as a surprise, it was a surprise gift that I couldn't say no to.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for another dog, but those loving puppy eyes talked me into it.  From then on, it was the right decision, he has brought so much love and joy into our lives.


Why are we taking photos of our dogs?

Mostly for memories, for fun and something to do with them to grow our relationship with our dog friend, babies, or pets.  They listen to our instructions, their eyes are eager to learn and do what pleases us.  They don't argue or fight back, they just let you, because they love you unconditionally and their main goal in life is to make you happy and be there for you.  That's what friends are for.  My dogs also helps my son with his social skills and communication.


Some day they will not be here. 

My oldest dog is 7 years old.  That is 49 years old in human years.  Boston Terriers usually live on average for 15 years.  That means I only have 7 or 8 more years with him if I am lucky.  Each year I would take photos of them to document their time with us.  Each year our relationship grows stronger and the trust is there.  Dogs are pretty smart and they are there to help us.  They are our security alarm system, they are my alarm clock, they are my fitness coach, and they are my babies, they let me take care of them.


Having pets is fun and I know some people are not open to that idea or too busy in their lives to have a pet, but when you become a pet owner, you know the bond and feeling you get when you adopt a pet of your own.  


Booking a Pet Photography session is a great way to document your love and relationship with our furry friends.  Please contact us for rates and appointments.  If you like this post, please leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by.


Blog by: Eve R.

Indian Couple Anniversary Photo Session

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Indian Couple Anniversary Photo Session (4-5-2015)


I got a chance to photograph these young newlyweds.  They are celebrating their 1-yr wedding anniversary together.

The dress the wife is wearing is a Traditional Party Dress.  I was told most Indian Families would have a handful of these dresses and only wear them on special occasions.

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