Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals: Blog en-us (C) Poetic Photo Professionals [email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) Sat, 20 Aug 2022 14:47:00 GMT Sat, 20 Aug 2022 14:47:00 GMT Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals: Blog 120 96 Customize your Photo Book A photo book for everyone!

When your photos are in our galleries you can create a book for anyone!  

Create a book of your dreams!  Here are some ideas:

Baby's First Year

Wedding Album

Quineanera or Sweet 16th Birthday

Bachelorette Party

College grad student

High School Senior photos

Family reunions

Holiday photos

Pre-wedding or Boudoir

Favorite Pet, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, or Farm Animal


Whatever the reason, you can create a photo book, here on our website.

Select the photos, select Buy Photo Album, a designer will contact you to create the book of your dreams.

Design Fee: $50 (non-refundable)

All books start at $100

Processing Time:  21 days (includes selection, design, review and manufacturing)

US Shipping:  Priority (3-5 days): $20-$40



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Missed Appointments and Cancellations Cancellation Fee:


If at any point you need to cancel your appointment please let me know within 24-hrs after booking the appointment.

When you book to reserve your spot there is a $50 non-refundable deposit.


If it is after 24-hrs and you cannot make the appointment, there will be a $75 Cancellation fee or the cost of the full photo session.

You can always re-schedule to a later date but you must commit to that date.


If the cancellation is due to rain or severe weather, both parties will have to work out another date that will work.

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Rules and Guidelines for Parents I feel the need to tell my clients a few rules and guidelines regarding booking your photo session with me.  Let's make sure we understand each other so we don't run into any issues.  A photo session is a collaboration between you and the Photographer, to make it a success, you must trust your Photographer is doing his/her best to create an image you want to treasure forever.

Here is a broken down detail of some things that the Photographer can and cannot control.  If the list under cannot control affects the quality of the photo, you cannot blame the Photographer.

Do's and Don'ts

Do's Don't

DO tell your Photographer what you have in mind, provide examples.

DO give your Photographer reasonable amount of time to work on the finished product.  If you are not happy, please provide info how to correct the problem.

DO bring your own props, at times the Photographer would be happy to share some of her own props for use.  If any damages are done, the client will be billed for any damages.

DO follow the Photographer's instructions.  If you want to do it your own way, you will not be happy with the results.

DO select your Favorite photos, save to your Favorites album and download them quickly.  It is not the Photographer's job to keep track if you have downloaded them.  If you have any questions, please contact your Photographer.

DON'T take photos with your personal iPhone or Cell Phone during the session.  It is your job to stay out of the Photographer's way so he/she can get the correct angle and shots.

DON'T tell our Photographer to hold your baby while you are setting up.  The Photographer is not a babysitter.  The Photographer only controls the camera settings and locate the  proper lighting with the location given. If your hands are tied, please ask a friend or relative to help you during the session.

DON'T add to the photo session without talking with your Photographer first.  If you booked a Newborn session, it is only for Newborn only, Parents and Family members are not allowed in the photos.  You must book a Family/Group session, for more than one individual . If you booked a Model/Headshot, it is for one individual and waist up only.  If you booked a Portrait/Boudoir, it is for one individual and can be both close-up details and full body.  Each photo package is priced fairly for the amount of editing and equipments used.  

DON'T have arguments with your spouse in front of the Photographer.  It is flat out rude and disrespectful to everyone. It just creates a negative outcome, please just don't argue.  

DON'T tell your Photographer to make you look skinny or look like a celebrity.  You are who you are and we can only control what we see through the camera lens.

These are things the Photographer cannot control:

The Baby is moving.  The Baby is crying in all the photos.  

As the parent, it is your job to keep the children well behaved and follow simple instructions.


After reading this, please contact your Photographer that you "understand and agree to the terms above".

Thank you for your time and cooperation.


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Why Pet Photography? Why Pet Photography?

As you can tell from our Poetic Photo Professional's logo, there is a clear silhouette of a Boston Terrier dog inside the lens of the Camera graphic icon.  We chose that logo because of my passion for taking photos and the sight of this dog breed just brings me so much joy and happiness.  I have never had a dog growing up and I was given my first dog by my husband when I turned 33 years old.  I was looking through different pictures of dogs from cute calendars and the one with the distinguished black and white features just caught my eyes.  

Boston Terriers are known for their intelligence, handsome tuxedo feature, silly personality and lovingness towards children.  I now have a total of four dogs, yes FOUR, you can't stop at just one.  My first dog is named Jack.  In fact, I have taken more photos of my dogs than my own kids.  I even made a photo book dedicated to my dogs.  Being a dog owner truly is a privilege and an experience I will never forget.  


Fell in Love with a DOG : Why? they don't' talk back or have vengeance.  They are good listeners and they sit by you so you can pet them.  I remember the first time Jack would follow me everywhere, he would sit under my chair when I am working.  He would wait by the bathroom, (those that have dogs understands this), even going to the mailbox, he would not leave my side.  He is my friend and protector.


Companionship :  My husband traveled a lot when my kids were growing up. He had a small house in another state and we don't get to see him so much.  He decided to buy another dog (this time a female dog) to keep him company when he comes home from work.  He also had other intentions to breed her and make some money on the side.  We found a breeder near our house and fell in love with Jasmine.  She was special, strong, comes from a long line of champion dogs, loving and has a unique birthmark on the side of her neck.  It was in a shape of a heart.  It was a clear sign that we must get her.  We got her when she was a few months old, my daughter loved her immediately and loves to play dress up with her and take her on walks.  She grew into a beautiful adult dog and later on was ready for breeding.  She gave us 5 puppies, we sold 4 of them and kept one girl, which we named her Snow.

Snow is officially my daughter's dog, while my daughter is attending school, Snow has been my grand-puppy, (Ha, that makes me a grandma!), she was the tiny one in the family, she loves to curl up and hide herself on my lap.  She was totally a lap dog.  She is like her mother, very loving, athletic, and a fast runner.


Our most recent dog is Sawyer, he is a cream and white French Bulldog.  I wanted a different breed this time, since having 3 of the same color dogs can get quite confusing.  I still love the short nose dog and since I graduated from UGA, I have always been a Bulldog fan.  French Bulldogs are just short and adorable.  I love their long ears, short legs and thick skin and coat.  They are just cuddly animals, almost like having a small koala bear but more domesticated.  Since Jack is getting older, I just wanted another puppy to play with.  My husband bought Sawyer as a surprise, it was a surprise gift that I couldn't say no to.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for another dog, but those loving puppy eyes talked me into it.  From then on, it was the right decision, he has brought so much love and joy into our lives.


Why are we taking photos of our dogs?

Mostly for memories, for fun and something to do with them to grow our relationship with our dog friend, babies, or pets.  They listen to our instructions, their eyes are eager to learn and do what pleases us.  They don't argue or fight back, they just let you, because they love you unconditionally and their main goal in life is to make you happy and be there for you.  That's what friends are for.  My dogs also helps my son with his social skills and communication.


Some day they will not be here. 

My oldest dog is 7 years old.  That is 49 years old in human years.  Boston Terriers usually live on average for 15 years.  That means I only have 7 or 8 more years with him if I am lucky.  Each year I would take photos of them to document their time with us.  Each year our relationship grows stronger and the trust is there.  Dogs are pretty smart and they are there to help us.  They are our security alarm system, they are my alarm clock, they are my fitness coach, and they are my babies, they let me take care of them.


Having pets is fun and I know some people are not open to that idea or too busy in their lives to have a pet, but when you become a pet owner, you know the bond and feeling you get when you adopt a pet of your own.  


Booking a Pet Photography session is a great way to document your love and relationship with our furry friends.  Please contact us for rates and appointments.  If you like this post, please leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by.


Blog by: Eve R.

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Indian Couple Anniversary Photo Session Indian Couple Anniversary Photo Session (4-5-2015)


I got a chance to photograph these young newlyweds.  They are celebrating their 1-yr wedding anniversary together.

The dress the wife is wearing is a Traditional Party Dress.  I was told most Indian Families would have a handful of these dresses and only wear them on special occasions.

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Indian Wedding Engagement session (1-31-15) Here's a look at our latest engagement session.


I'm really honored to be chosen to photograph this beautiful Indian Wedding Engagement.

I mean, how can you not look at the gorgeous colors and wonder the meaning of this culture. 

I have to say, the bride-to-be planned out everything, from getting the props, choosing what outfits to wear, the location, and the different poses!  Having a well thought out plan, really helped make this session go smoothly.

Location:  TW Briscoe Park, Snellville, GA

Who knew there was a park so nice and peaceful here in Gwinnett.  This park had a nice open space feeling, a large lake to walk around, a white gazebo, a gray stone colored bridge, lots of nature and live ducks.  I just love getting the couple's reflection from the lake.

Here are some examples:








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Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Elegant Maternity Session Welcome!  Thanks for visiting our page.  Here is a quick look inside our studio.

Here is our recent Maternity Photo Session.  Enjoy!


Natural light by the 5-panel bay windows.

Poses and Coaching included with your session.

Beautiful Mint Green Maternity Sleeveless Maxi Dress - Liz Lange for Target  




New Photo Jewelry Prop - Rhinestone Princess Crown.

Great for Before Baby (Maternity) and After Baby (Newborn) photo shoot.



Here is our most requested photo prop.

Red Sheer Fabric Wrap.


And our Favorite couples Silhouette pose.


Thanks to this lovely couple for allowing me to share these photos.

I had a wonderful time working with them.





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What to Expect: Model Headshot Session (for Men and Women) Happy New Year 2015!  What is your New Year's Resolution?  Hopefully, your answer is get a new Profile Photo Taken!

Today I would like to blog about what to expect during your Model Photography Headshot Session.

This session is for the Creative Personality, Future Model and Actors, Someone who wants a headshot that is not-so-serious, Someone that wants a headshot that can bring out their personality, essence and and emotions.  If you think that is what you want, then read on.


1) What to wear:  Simple button front shirt, no designs, no logos.  Best colors:  solid color, neutral, white, gray, beige, royal blue, chambray, denim.  Keep it clean and simple, some plaid or check is okay.  For women, feel free to bring any costumes, fun clothing, shoes and accessories.  I will send you personalized emails to tell you what basics to bring to make sure we capture different poses.  During the 1-hr session, it is okay to bring 2-3 different outfits.  If you have more, please discuss with the photographer.





2) Props to bring:  If you are an artist or musician, bring your instruments.  If you are a writer or blogger, bring items with words or inspirational messages.  If you normally wear uniforms, a chef hat, a doctor's lab coat, scrubs, bring items you use on a daily basis.  



3) Prepare your face:  If you are a man, make sure your hair is neat or in the manner that you like to present yourself.  Beard or mustache should be neatly trimmed the way you want to be seen.  If you have skin problems or acne, please tell the photographer how much editing is required.  If you are a woman, I strongly recommend getting your makeup and hair done professionally.  We can hire a makeup artist or you can make an appointment and have it done before arriving at the studio.  Makeup artist should help you with contouring, hide any dark circles under the eyes, minimize any wrinkles, and remove shine in the the T-zone areas.  If you are going au natural, then bring your own makeup and powder to help with any shine.  Again, any skin issue, should be addressed so the photographer can remove any blemishes.  If you have freckles, birthmarks, or mole you like to keep, please also mention it.

MUA: StephanieMUA: Stephanie               


4) Prepare your hands or nails.  If you need us to do any close up shots of your hands holding something, make sure your nails are neat and clean.  If you plan on wearing jewelry, rings and watch, make sure they are in clean condition.


These helpful advice can really apply to any photography session, but these are just a few ideas to get you started.  Contact us to schedule your photo session.  Better now than never.  It is best to get updated profile photos every 6 months, as a person can change a lot over a few months.

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Atlanta's Commercial E-Commerce Product Photography Atlanta's Commercial E-Commerce Product Photography

Poetic Photo Professionals is your local E-Commerce Product Photographer.

Whether you started a new business or have an on going business, you will always need new Product Photographs to update your clients.

In this economy many people are searching for a unique and specific product and good photos are essential for your business.

Here are just some examples:



Commercial Photography is great for the following businesses:  Catering, Wedding Florists or Flower Shop, Bakery, Natural Foods Products, Dance Studios, Artists, Clothing Designers, Furniture Retail, and more!



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Modern Beauty Transformation Photo Session I am excited to share with you our 2014 Modern Beauty Photo Shoot session with Miss Jennifer.

Modern Beauty is about capturing the beauty of the face, body and pose without revealing to much skin.  This type of portrait session is to empower and give you confidence.  It's also used for online profiles to show your best face forward.  It's a representation of who you are and an image you want to share with your friends.

Here is the Before/After shots:

MUA: StephanieMUA: Stephanie

Hair and Make Up by:  Stephanie Dawn

Our Award Winning Professional makeup artist travels around the world and have worked with models, celebrities, TV shows and everyday women.


Or Studio now has 4 different rooms with different backdrops and lighting equipment to make the subject look their best!

We also added a Red Velvet Victorian Couch, perfect for elegant poses, boudoir, fashion and beauty sessions.

Women of all ages should get their beauty makeover for themselves.  You just never know there is a glamorous person underneath the everyday look.  Spoil yourself or Surprise someone with these photos.

If you have any questions or like to book a Dream Come True Modern Beauty or Boudoir Makeover Photo session, please contact us!

Prices and packages on the Boudoir page:

Poetic Photo Professionals - Atlanta, GA

Trust me, these photos will amaze you!



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Self Portraits (Headshot, Model, Personal Blog Profiles) Self Portraits


When you look in the mirror, you see yourself, but do you really see the real you?

I'm not trying to be confusing.  I'm just saying that most people don't see their true beauty inside or how the world sees them.  When you book a self portrait photo session with us, it is the photographer's job to bring out the best in your features.


What's the difference between:  Headshot, Model, and Personal Profiles?  Which Portrait package is right for me?


1. Headshot - This is usually for business professionals.  (Ex. Doctors, Lawyers, CEO, Real Estate Agents, Writers, Church Leaders, Business Executives, or someone who is applying for a new job).  Photos are usually attached to resumes, business cards, powerpoint presentations and business reading materials.  If you are a man, you should wear a solid color button front shirt, prefer white or a color that looks best with your skin tone, a matching tie and a business jacket.  Hair is clean and neat, face is neat and shaven.  Included in your photo shoot, we also retouch the photos by removing small blemishes.  If you are a woman, a button up shirt or blouse, suit or jacket and minimal jewelry looks nice.  Hair and makeup is nice and not too excessive.  This is your opportunity to put your best face on and represent who you are to the world.  Your smile should be genuine and have confidence in what you do.  Your smile should say you are approachable, friendly and please contact us for your business.  Most of these sessions are between 15 to 25 minutes.  Please make sure to bring your own clothes, hair and makeup already done so we can begin the photo shoot as soon as you arrive to the studio.




2. Model - If you are a model, musician, actor/actress doing an audition, someone is going to ask you for a Model headshot.  These photos are mainly focusing on the "talent" of the model.  Showing different sides of the face and upper body, usually from waist up but sometimes can be full body.  The talent agency or judges will be looking for someone with a certain look.  All looks are good, but you never know what look they are searching for.  What to wear??  We suggest a simple shirt with no graphics or logos on the front.  Hair and make-up should be simple or none.  If you are an actor, be ready to pose different expressions (Example:  surprised, sad, annoyed, angry, funny, laughter, embarrassed, and so on.)  Sometimes your hands might be in the picture, so be sure to have your nails clean and well manicured.  Bring your own props:  hats, musical instrument, costume, glasses, etc.  Most of these sessions can be 30-minutes to 1-hour depending how many photos you need.  Please check our photo packages to see what is right for you.  If you need the photos to be customized with a name, please let us know your requirements before booking the service.  Also 1-2 outfit changes are allowed for the 1-hr sessions.



3. Personal Profiles - AKA "Selfies".  People love to take photos of themselves, why not get them done professionally.  Personal profiles are good for social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, personal blogs, or just a way to have an updated photo of yourself.  If you are reaching a milestone in your life or career, celebrating a new birthday, just lost a lot of weight, single, recently divorced, or just because, this is the type of photo shoot for you.  Some women like to get a picture of them every 6 months, others want to capture the beauty before they start to show wrinkles.  If you are a single man, this is great to add to your dating profile.  No matter what shape or size, everyone should have one good photo of themselves.  Personal profiles can be taken in studio, outdoors, at your own home.  What to wear?  We prefer these type of photo shoots to be fun, casual, fashionable and fully clothed.  Consider this a fun glamour shot.  We recommend that you get professional hair and makeup done.  Most of these sessions take time to get the right poses down on camera, we also suggest you carefully select what type of clothes look best on you.  Get a second opinion from a friend  or relative.  To get the most out of your session, we also recommend you look online on google or Pinterest for ideas what types of poses you like.  Search for your favorite classic actor or actress and please share with the photographer before starting the session, we can't read your mind and what you like, a picture is worth a thousand words.


I hope you like some of these examples.  Please let me know if this blog was helpful in selecting what type of self portrait session you need.  If I missed something, please call or email us and we can help you choose what session is best for you.    Thanks for reading and I hope one day to meet you soon!


Blog by:  Eve R.

Atlanta Professional Photographers

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Our Story {a Husband and Wife Photographer team} When booking your wedding photographer it is important to get to know "who" you are working with and that your personalities and style matches what you are looking for.  Look through examples of our wedding photos and point out images you want for your wedding.  This would require the bride and groom sitting down and deciding what shots you want on your wedding day.  Some poses might require you to practice beforehand to get the right angle.  (Example:  The dip, most brides want an elegant pose of her husband holding her with one shoe pointing out.)


I also want to point out that if you want a full coverage of your wedding day, you will need two photographers.  In this blog, I would like to share with you what's it like working with my husband, Myles.

Let's take a look at the Wedding we did this spring for Bryan and Toi.


Time:  Sat. March 16th, 4:00 PM.

The photographers were asked to arrive at the hotel at 4:00PM.  Myles dropped me off at the hotel lobby, then he is off to meet with the groom and grooms party at another location.  The bride shows up and I followed her to the hotel room where the bridesmaids are getting ready.  The bride was very organized and had all her stuff for me to start taking pictures.  She already had her hair and makeup already done, all she needed to do was get into her dress.  

Important shots that I always make sure to capture are the wedding details:  Dress, Veil, Headpiece, Shoes, Jewelry, Garter, Undergarments for the honeymoon (if any), Bridesmaids dresses next to Bride's dress, Bridesmaids shoes next to Bride's shoes.  Close-ups of the rings, then flowers and different artistic views of the rings with the flowers or shoes.  I also ask for anything with the Bride and Groom's name or wedding date on it.  It could be their invitation, wedding program, signs directing the guests where to go, anything that is "personalized" are all important shots I capture.

Since the bride and groom's family are from Atlanta, I made sure to include the city scape of buildings as the background for the flowers.



While I am still taking photos of the details, I ask the bridesmaids to get ready and get into their dress first before the Bride.   The reason is so I can take pictures of the bridesmaids already dressed helping the bride get ready.  After the wedding day is over, the bride will want memories of her closest friends with her one last time.  I also ask the bride to designated each person to help her.  (Example:  Maid of honor, putting on the garter, Bridesmaid putting on shoes, Mother of the Bride, put on jewelry, necklace, earrings, bracelet, and so on.)  Once we have assigned the jobs, the process goes by smoothly.

Time:  5:00PM

While the bridesmaids are getting ready, the bride was calm and was making sure we are all on schedule.  After I was done with the detail pics, I had a few extra time to take photos of the bride.  We even sneaked in a little boudoir session to surprise the groom. So if you are wanting some wedding boudoir, make sure you have time for it.  I ask that the bedroom and bed be free of clutter, a simple white sheet over it will be just fine.  Bride standing by a large window or mirror is also very flattering.

After everyone was dressed it was time to go downstairs to the lobby and wait for the limo to arrive.  I usually get inside the elevator with the bride and take photos of everyone all squished together and different shot of their reactions.  I also try to go ahead of the wedding party so I can take a picture of the different angles of the bride and party walking towards me.  Without knowing the hotel that well, I had to make a quick decision where to start taking group photos.  We were lucky there is a nearby water fountain across the parking lot.  We tried to find a spot that is not in direct sunlight so the white dress is not blown out.

When taking bridesmaids photos, I like to include their shoes in the photos:


I also like to take photos of the bride's interaction with children, children playing and all dressed up.  Children play an important part in weddings, bringing good luck to the wedding couple if they plan to have children.

Time:  6:00PM

The limo arrives and it's time to go to the wedding venue.  One thing to plan is make sure I have transportation to the wedding.  I got to sit in the front next to the driver.  

By this time, my husband has already taken photos of the groom and groomsmen.  He is taking pictures of the wedding ceremony setup and the details.


At this time, the bride is hiding inside the limo, while the bridesmaids got out and prepare to line up ready for the ceremony.  Guests are starting to arrive and be seated.  The coordinator comes out and there was a bit of waiting time.  Once the groom and groomsmen are inside the ceremony, the bride gets out of the limo and gets her mind ready for the walk down the aisle.  This can be a very emotional time and we all have to be calm and patient.  

As the bride's photographer, I stay a few feet back to get the details of the back shots.  My husband is already inside the venue and will take the front shots when the curtain opens.  

When the ceremony starts, I quickly get to the front aisle and get low to the ground away from view.  Myles is still in the back of the room with his telephoto lens.  I have my telephoto lens as well, to make sure I have close-up shots of the ring exchange and close-up face shots.

Time:  7:30PM

Immediately after the ceremony, it was photographers time to take photos of the wedding party.  We always try to get the older parents and children taken first so they don't have to stand outside too long.  Then we take shots of the groomsmen with the wedding couple.  With a large group, I changed my lens back to the wide angle lens and re-adjust my setting for the outdoor.  We make sure to include formal and funny shots.  While I am setting the camera ready, Myles is lining up the party and arranging them and directing them how to stand, etc.

After the group shots are done, it is time for the bride and groom session.  We look for the sunset and different parts of the location to capture the mood.

Our favorite is the ring shot.

Time:  8:15PM

The coordinator comes out again, the guests are already seated at their tables ready for the dinner party to begin.  Luckily, the wedding ceremony and reception are at the same place, so we were lucky to spend more time with the wedding couple.  More time with couple means more different shots.  Tip:  When planning your wedding, try to avoid driving time so you get more photos.

It is time to announce the new Mr. and Mrs.  Also their First Dance as a married couple, then followed by Father-Daughter dance and then Son-Mother dance.

After the dance, the wedding couple sits down for dinner.  We continue to take photos around the dinner table, capturing the yummy food, while you can still see the steam coming out.  The wine glasses, the guest table and table decoration.  All this planning and money spent on your wedding, you will want memories what food you ate that day!


At this time, I finally get to sit down, and the camera is turned off.  We changed the batteries for the flash and check our settings for the night time.  I got a plate of food after the buffet line starts to clear and the guests already got their food.  We ate really fast, probably in 10-minutes or so.  Sometimes I eat first and Myles is still taking pictures of the guests.  Then after I am done eating it was my turn to take photos of the kids dancing on the dance floor.

After the bride and groom are done with their dinner.  They mingle with their guest and we basically follow them around, just in case they needed some group photos of them with their friends.  

Time:  8:45PM

We noticed the sun was setting and starting to get dark so Myles pulled the bride and groom aside to take one last outdoor shot.  Myles found a lamp post behind the building.  It was actually in a shopping mall, but we found a spot that you can't even tell it's in a shopping area.  I was in the ballroom in the dark, so Myles did not know where I was.  I was still taking pics of the kids dancing and totally entertained by them dancing to gangam style and Michael Jackson songs.

Time:  9:30PM

Then it was time for the speech.  With this location, the setup was hard to get the Best Man and the wedding couple in one photo.  We noticed the mirror on the wall, so that's how we got to capture this shot.

Time:  10:00 PM

Then it was Cake Cutting Time.  This is a gorgeous cake with bible verses on it.  We never know what's going happen, so we set our cameras ready for surprises!

We continue to walk around, taking photos of the guests, couples, children and anyone that want to get their picture taken.  Tip:  To all the young brides, if there is a photo you must have with a special guest or family member, make sure to speak up and grab the photographer.  You paid us to be there so please be forward with us with what you want on your wedding day.  Don't get upset if we don't have the shot you want because you never told us beforehand.  Sometimes the bride or groom is busy talking to guest, you are missing out on your photo opportunity.

Time:  11:00PM

Finally it was the traditional Bouquet Toss and the Garter Toss.  We get to take photos of the reactions and fun side of the bride and groom.

Time:  11:45PM

Lastly, it was the grand exit with bubbles and saying good bye to the guests.  A great way to end the day and the beginning of a "happily ever after" story.  We like to thank Bryan and Toi for letting us be your wedding photographers and sharing your story.  You have made our work easy to work with nice, courteous people like you.

It was a 30-min drive going back home, it was past midnight, I took a shower, changed into my PJs and fell asleep fast.  It normally takes me a week to recoup but with so many weddings back to back I got used to the routine and normally need a day to get my body back to normal.  

What you don't know is after I uploaded all the images to my computer, I spend about 1-2 weeks going through each image and edit them.  For a full 8-hr wedding we usually get around 800 to 1200 photos.

If you or someone you know needs a hardworking, dedicated wedding photographer, please consider us and set up a consultation meeting to see if we are the right photographer for you.


Myles and Eve

Atlanta Wedding Photographers




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Baby Adam's 1st Birthday Cake Smash (Atlanta, GA) Happy First Birthday, Adam!

I am delighted to share with you some photos I took for this wonderful family, whose baby just turned 1-yr old!  I have started taking photos for them since their Maternity session.  It is always so amazing to see the progress and changes in a baby's life.

Here is Baby Adam at 3-months:

Here is Baby Adam at Christmas time, 6-months:


Here is Baby Adam at 9-months:

And now, here are some photos I like to share from the "Cake Smash" Session.  

Thanks to the parents of Baby Adam.  These pictures will make great memories for when he gets older.

Cake Smash pictures are fun and messy!  But so cute and is so worth it to add to your memory book.


Atlanta Kids and Baby Photographer:  Eve R.

[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) atlanta baby cake kids newborn photographer Mon, 08 Jul 2013 19:59:18 GMT
First Look Photos We are right in the middle of Wedding season here in Atlanta, GA.  I am amazed at all the wonderful brides and grooms we have met so far and looking forward to many more this year.  When planning your schedule for your wedding day, make sure to include a small mini session to do "First Look" photos.


What are "First Look" photos?


Traditionally in weddings, the bride is not suppose to see her groom until the actual ceremony.  The last time she saw her groom was the previous evening during the rehearsal dinner.  Then the next day she is getting ready for the big day.   1n 2013, more and more brides are wanting these First Look photos.  First Look photos usually takes place a few minutes right before she walks down the aisle.  This is an exciting time for the Bride and Groom to "see" each other before their guests.  This gives them a little private time together to appreciate each other and loosen a bit of nervousness.  First Look photos are usually all done naturally, no posing at all from the photographers.  We guide you where to stand and what might look good in photos, but the rest are up to the bride and groom.  The expressions on their faces are all so natural and genuine.  Some can be emotional and romantic.  When looking back at your photo album after your wedding, you will be glad you did these. 

Here are examples of First Look Photos:

Bride sneaking up behind the groom, then covering his eyes.  The smile on the grooms face is priceless!

Bride hiding behind the door and can only see the grooms hands reaching out for her hand.  This builds excitement!


Here the groom is facing the other way while the bride is approaching him.  Waiting to see his expression when they see each other.



Groom is checking out her dress and smiling non-stop.  They are so cute!

If the door is too small, try finding a corner wall.  Bride is hiding behind the wall and then they peeked over to see each other.

So, what do you think?  These photos tell a story and will make wonderful memories for many years for the wedding couple.

Please contact us to make sure we include something special for your wedding day!



Location: Ashton Gardens Atlanta - Sugar Hills, GA

Location:  550 Trackside Building - Lawrenceville, GA

[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) bridal first look photos wedding Wed, 15 May 2013 18:41:37 GMT
Candid Photo Shoots Hello World!

How about some Candid Family Photos?  There are so many facial expressions out there other than just a smile.  Here are some headshot photos capturing the human emotions.  Each picture tells a story, it will make you laugh or cry or think.  These make great canvas art decor on the family wall.    Call us to schedule a family photo session with these fun candid poses...great for audition profiles!

Another one here:

Family Group photo:

Cute kids photo here:

[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) atlanta audition candid emotions expression family headshot kids photographer profile Wed, 01 May 2013 17:17:16 GMT
Class of 2013 Senior Portraits Senior Portraits

Blog by:  Eve R.

As much as I love taking photos of maternity and babies, I just realized that I also love taking photos of SENIORS, as in going to graduate this year from high school and heading off to the college of their choice!  It's the time when your child reaches that age that is half child and half adult.  It's a cross road heading off to being independent.  It's a scary time for parents and an exciting time for these high school seniors.  What I love about the Senior Photo Session is that I get to capture the true beauty, the true individualism before they turn into adults.  It can turn into a fashion or beauty photo shoot,  it's a great way to express to others who you are, what you love and what you represent to the world.

Here is an example of Leslie's Senior Photo shoot.  She was calm and easy going.  It was great working with her.  I see she is an adventurous and fun person just by how she acted in the photo shoot.  She was not afraid to walk on water, get her feet wet or climb on top of a rock.  She is fearless (well, except for the bees and ants) and you can see the energy and confidence shining through this young woman.  I hope these pictures show that part of her.


What to wear:  Wear what is comfortable, flattering and in style.  I love colors or anything that makes the color pop in the photo.  Anything that express who you are.

What to bring:  Props can be a sport or a musical instrument you play.  It can be something that represent who you are.  You bring your own style to the photo shoot.


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) 2013 2014 grad high school senior spring portraits Thu, 18 Apr 2013 14:57:15 GMT
Boudoir is for Everyone For those thinking about doing a Boudoir Session, you should definitely book now!

First of all, what is Boudoir?  It is a sensual form of art, self-expression and photography of women of all ages.  Many clients have come to me because they want to do this for their significant other, some are newly engaged and want to do this to surprise their husband to be on their wedding night, some women after having 5 children and took care of themselves to get the body they want finally want to have their pictures taken as a reward for their hard work.  Then, there are other women from all walks of life, some newly single and just want to be inspired, feel empowered, needed self confidence and admire their own beauty.  I've had a client come to our studio because it was on their bucket list.  To sum it all up, Boudoir is for Everyone!

Husbands:  Book a boudoir session as a "Romantic" gift for your wife!  Treat her a day of beauty and glamour!

Read about our "Affordable" Boudoir packages here:

Boudoir is capturing the beauty and feminine side of women.  Women of all shapes and sizes have had their photos taken to fulfill their dream.  Come check it out for yourself!


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) art atlanta boudoir glamour photographer sexy shoes valentines wedding woman Tue, 05 Mar 2013 01:49:33 GMT
Atlanta Engagement Photo Sessions Spring is approaching, the flowers are making their appearances in the South.  While some days we get cold and rainy weather, we are lucky to have sunshine on a few occasion.  The pink cherry blossom trees are blooming every chance they can get.  It's a beautiful time for photographers!  While admiring these gorgeous nature photos, I thought this would be a great photo for Engagement Couples!


Click here to view more! 

Engagement photos:


We are still booking Weddings for 2013, while some photographers have set a limit for the year, we do not!  We are here to help capture your Wedding day, any date, any season.  (Call us to check if your date is available.)  We love taking photos of our clients with their families as they join together in marriage.  The reason for this blog is to help you plan ahead and take advantage of the Nature before us.  We want to help our clients plan out their next photo session and decide when is the best time or day to take photos.  



So you are Engaged?  Congratulations!  You have to schedule the Engagement photos right away to announce your love to the world.  Do this before you start to stress about the details of the wedding.  While you are newly engaged, enjoy this time with your fiancé.  Enjoy what it truly means to be in love and in the arms of someone you love.  Enjoy being young and making that time stand still...even if it's just for a moment, in this busy life we live in.  So here's a series of questions and answers to help you decide if Engagement photos are right for you.


Q:  Why take Engagement Photos?

A:  Engagement photos are so fun, you can get creative, you can be goofy, it's a great way to bring out your personality, show people who are not close to you who you are and what your other half is like.  Engagement photos can also be emotional, the look on her face when he pops the question and gave her a diamond ring.  The look in his eyes when she said "Yes, I do!"  The hug and the tears of happiness and dreaming of being united as one and someday growing old together, etc.   These are all special moments we want to capture, so some day you can tell your grandchildren the story of how you two met.

Q:  When is the best time to schedule the Engagement Photo Session?

A:  While most Engagement Time before your actual wedding date is about 6 to 9 Months away, or maybe longer, we suggest that the best time is really anytime prior to your wedding.  Many of our Engaged couples really prefer the outdoors as a backdrop for their photos.  We definitely think that couples should take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather.  Starting the month of April and May, the flowers are all blooming, we can find a good location that fits your style just about anywhere.  Heading towards June, July and August, it will be the hottest months in Georgia, but it's the best time for evening photos since it is still bright outside after 6pm to 8pm.  Then towards Fall and Winter, plan ahead where you like the photo location, since it starts to get dark much quicker.  Feel free to contact us and we can check what day or time is available.  

Q: What should I wear?

A:  It depends what season, but you can wear anything that shows your personality.  Most Engagement photo sessions last up to 1-hour, so you have the option for 1-3 outfit changes.  Start out with a simple shirt, add a tie or scarf, put on a hat or hair accessory for the lady, you can add just about anything.  Accessories are always a plus.  Shoes are also important.  Anything that is colorful that will make the photo pop.

Example: Check out these cowboy boots!  I love how we wrote their names on the steps with sidewalk chalk.



Q:  What props should I bring?

A:  Couples can contact us and let us know a little about yourself and we can help you capture photos that matches both your personalities.  Most of these photos, we will capture the ring, we have other suggestions like holding a sign that says a special message or the wedding date, old photos of the couple when they are dating, time spent together and then we attach them on a string.  It's a great way to express you are "tying the knot" just through a picture.  Bring anything that you can add the wedding date.  Think about those Save the Date cards, which photo fits your style?

Example:  I made a simple banner out of wide ribbon and card stock.  I used the "Mesquite Std" font and enlarged it to Size: 96.  It has an old western style look to it.  The card stock I got were paint samples from Lowes Home Improvement store.  You can pretty much choose any color to match a theme.


I hope you find this blog helpful and inspiring.  Here are some more examples of the awesome engagement photos (taken by Myles) for our past clients.  Enjoy!  We hope you call us to book your photo session with us!  

Atlanta, Georgia Photographers, Poetic Photo Professionals, 678-231-4440.



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Valentine's Day Couples Photo Shoot Our Valentine's Day couple have been married for over 20 years and they wanted some romantic couple shots and some dramatic poses.

It's always good to get updated photos of your loved ones.  Check out the amazing photos we did for them.  Both look like models and they still look like newlyweds.

Here's another one of my favorites:

She has such a beautiful smile.

And here's a bit more drama for you here.  This reminds me of Chinese soap opera movie posters.

And a hot steamy pose here:

We had a lot of fun with this couple.  

This one reminds me of the Dirty Dancing movie with Patrick Swayze.

[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) couples day love photo photographer romantic valentines Wed, 06 Feb 2013 03:58:34 GMT
New 2013 Wedding Magazine by Poetic Photo Professionals Atlanta Brides!  Have you requested your FREE 2013 issue of our Wedding Photography Magazine from Poetic Photo Professionals?

You can download the version in PDF file, click here.

Check out some of our best wedding photos inside!  If you are in the Atlanta area, look out for these booklets in your local bridal stores.

This beautiful magazine filled with over 10-pages includes tips for your wedding and samples of our wedding photography work.

Find out why so many brides are choosing Poetic Photo Professionals as their wedding photographers in Atlanta, GA.  

Like what you see?

Call us for your wedding consultation meeting today! 678-231-4440


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Creative Baby Photo Session One of the reasons for choosing your "personal" photographer rather than a "studio" photographer is that the personal photographer takes the time to plan out what your photo session will be.  The planning process could take weeks or months if we have to provide special props, camera equipment or costumes for our clients.  We create a theme so it's just not a plain background.  Leave the creativity to us, but we are open to any suggestions parents might have too.  In each photo session, we like to have a party and make it fun.  The pictures have to be done right the first time so that the memories can be captured and shared with many people for years to come.


If any of these photos speak to your heart, please call us to setup an appointment.  If this is your style or something you have always wanted to do with you and your child, please book your baby photo session now!


Here is Baby Natalie at 8-months!  She is a sweet baby girl, she loves to smile and has a calm nature about her. 

We love taking close up shots of the baby's eyes, nose and face.  Here is an adorable shot of her eyelashes.

Thanks Baby for the "Thumbs up!"

We surprised the mother with the baby playing with pretend dress up shoes!  Baby girl loves shoes!


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) Atlanta GA Lawrenceville baby maternity photo shoot studio Wed, 09 Jan 2013 04:33:25 GMT
2013 Elegant Maternity Session I am excited to share with you our 2013 Elegant Maternity Photos.  We've expanded our studio and added new props.  Now each photo will have the look and feel of a comfortable home. If these photos touch your heart and soul, please call us and schedule an appointment.  We can setup a creative session with you.

Another Glamorous Mama posing in a red sheer fabric.  Imagine wrapped in this beautiful color, with the wind blowing in your hair.  How cool is that!

This is a beautiful, romantic scene.  A peaceful moment shared together.


We love this lace contrast detail on her belly.  Gorgeous belly pose.  If you are not sure what to wear to your photo shoot, please review our photo gallery for ideas or call us to discuss.


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) Atlanta GA Gwinnett Lawrenceville macon maternity photo shoot studio Wed, 09 Jan 2013 04:20:43 GMT
9 Best Wedding Photos in 2012 Fall 2012 is here and we only have a couple of months left till 2013.  As a year in review, I have posted 9 of our best wedding photos to be featured in a wedding website.  Please comment and Enjoy!



[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) 2012 atlanta best photographer wedding Sat, 06 Oct 2012 02:35:19 GMT
Wedding Traditions Here are some examples of some wedding traditions here in Atlanta, GA.

We have the Unity sand, Unity candle, Celtic hand fasting, and Jumping the Broom.

This broom ceremony represents the joining of two families. It's showing respect and pays homage to those who came before us and paved the way. "Broom Jumping" is a ritual, handed down from generation to generation to r

emind us of a time when our vows were not legally sanctioned. During slavery, our ancestors sought the legitimacy of marriage by jumping over the broom and into the bonds of domesticity. For our ancestors, this small ritual was a legal and bonding act connecting them with the heritage of the home land and giving legitimacy, dignity and strength to their unions. In their eyes, this union was now sanctioned by "The ALMIGHTY."
[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) atlanta candle ceremony photo photographers poetic professionals unity wedding Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:19:11 GMT
Newborn Session - Baby E is 6 Months old It is a joy to take photos for this family.  Baby E is here once again..this time she is 6 months old.  She can sit, stand, crawl, grab and is very aware of her surroundings.  Here are some photos taken.  Enjoy!


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) 6 baby months newborn old photography session Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:11:38 GMT
Billboard Art Project of Atlanta Hello!  Poetic Photo Professionals was selected to be a part of the Billboard Art Project of Atlanta.  Several photos taken by us will be randomly displayed on large LED Panel Billboards throughout parts of Atlanta.    Here is a few samples of what you will see.  The topic is on LOVE.  Love at first sight, Things we Love, Things we will do for Love, etc.  

Click here to View the Gallery:

If you like these photos, please feel free to leave a comment.


Billboard Art Project Atlanta

[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) atlanta billboard photographer Fri, 31 Aug 2012 18:57:07 GMT
Atlanta Vintage Style Wedding by Poetic Photo Professionals Chris & Ilissa


We were so excited and honored to be chosen as the Wedding Photographers for Chris and Ilissa's Wedding.  We got to see a beautiful rose garden located in Villa Christina in Atlanta, GA.  The couple's family handmade and custom selected a lot of the wedding details.  From shabby chic birdcages as table setting decor, to feathers on hair, and beautiful fabric and lace bridal bouquet embellished with vintage brooches, we photographed everything! Check out these photos!


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) atlanta photography wedding Fri, 31 Aug 2012 13:34:00 GMT
Maternity Session with "W" Family Another Maternity Session.  The customer brought in a picture of the ultrasound.  I told her to stick it out so we are just focusing on the ultrasound photo.  This is a great way to remember when the baby was still inside her belly.



Great use of props for a baby girl.  We also do newborn photography.


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) baby girl maternity newborn photography Sat, 19 May 2012 04:12:10 GMT
Maternity Session with "R" Family Maternity Session with "R" Family

This new mom is like a supermodel.  I love how she brought different outfits and the bright blue color makes this photo really stand out.  I love the details on the jewelry and the diamond sparkle on her forehead.  Be Creative!  



For the Fashion Moms, check out this modern look:




[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) boudoir fashion maternity modern Sat, 19 May 2012 04:03:51 GMT
Newborn Session - Baby E 15 days old Newborn Session with Baby "E"  - Photos taken by Poetic Photo Professionals


We just love this Father and Daughter Pose.  The song that comes to my mind is "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" sang by Celine Dion.  You can watch the video and hear the song here:




Another photo of Baby "E" - She was only 15 days old.  She is wearing a Personalized hat and bodysuit made by The Garden of Eve.  Please like their Facebook page:  You can also order a Personalized Gift set here:  The Garden of Eve.


When planning on a newborn photo shoot, please schedule around the time the baby is the most sleepy.  We like it when they sleep so we can pose them to get the right pictures.  Special Props were used to add color and your personal style.  Baby E had a pink and lime green color theme and this picture would make a nice wall decor in her nursery.  If you are not sure what props to use call us or email us for a consultation.  


More Peaceful Sleepy Baby Photo:


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) baby newborn personal photography Sat, 19 May 2012 03:50:50 GMT
Family Session with "O" Family Family Session with the "O" Family  -  Photos taken by Poetic Photo Professionals


In honor of Father's Day, here's a nice father and son pose.  We just love the son's expression.


Another family pose


[email protected] (Atlanta Poetic Photo Professionals) day family fathers photo poses shoot Sat, 19 May 2012 03:32:09 GMT