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There's a story behind each picture and we want to capture that special moment not only in pictures but also in words.  We love working with our clients and we thank each and everyone of them for the opportunity to be a part of their special day. Please enjoy!

What to Expect: Model Headshot Session (for Men and Women)

December 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year 2015!  What is your New Year's Resolution?  Hopefully, your answer is get a new Profile Photo Taken!

Today I would like to blog about what to expect during your Model Photography Headshot Session.

This session is for the Creative Personality, Future Model and Actors, Someone who wants a headshot that is not-so-serious, Someone that wants a headshot that can bring out their personality, essence and and emotions.  If you think that is what you want, then read on.


1) What to wear:  Simple button front shirt, no designs, no logos.  Best colors:  solid color, neutral, white, gray, beige, royal blue, chambray, denim.  Keep it clean and simple, some plaid or check is okay.  For women, feel free to bring any costumes, fun clothing, shoes and accessories.  I will send you personalized emails to tell you what basics to bring to make sure we capture different poses.  During the 1-hr session, it is okay to bring 2-3 different outfits.  If you have more, please discuss with the photographer.





2) Props to bring:  If you are an artist or musician, bring your instruments.  If you are a writer or blogger, bring items with words or inspirational messages.  If you normally wear uniforms, a chef hat, a doctor's lab coat, scrubs, bring items you use on a daily basis.  



3) Prepare your face:  If you are a man, make sure your hair is neat or in the manner that you like to present yourself.  Beard or mustache should be neatly trimmed the way you want to be seen.  If you have skin problems or acne, please tell the photographer how much editing is required.  If you are a woman, I strongly recommend getting your makeup and hair done professionally.  We can hire a makeup artist or you can make an appointment and have it done before arriving at the studio.  Makeup artist should help you with contouring, hide any dark circles under the eyes, minimize any wrinkles, and remove shine in the the T-zone areas.  If you are going au natural, then bring your own makeup and powder to help with any shine.  Again, any skin issue, should be addressed so the photographer can remove any blemishes.  If you have freckles, birthmarks, or mole you like to keep, please also mention it.

MUA: StephanieMUA: Stephanie               


4) Prepare your hands or nails.  If you need us to do any close up shots of your hands holding something, make sure your nails are neat and clean.  If you plan on wearing jewelry, rings and watch, make sure they are in clean condition.


These helpful advice can really apply to any photography session, but these are just a few ideas to get you started.  Contact us to schedule your photo session.  Better now than never.  It is best to get updated profile photos every 6 months, as a person can change a lot over a few months.


Atlanta's Commercial E-Commerce Product Photography

August 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

Atlanta's Commercial E-Commerce Product Photography

Poetic Photo Professionals is your local E-Commerce Product Photographer.

Whether you started a new business or have an on going business, you will always need new Product Photographs to update your clients.

In this economy many people are searching for a unique and specific product and good photos are essential for your business.

Here are just some examples:



Commercial Photography is great for the following businesses:  Catering, Wedding Florists or Flower Shop, Bakery, Natural Foods Products, Dance Studios, Artists, Clothing Designers, Furniture Retail, and more!



Modern Beauty Transformation Photo Session

February 25, 2014  •  2 Comments

I am excited to share with you our 2014 Modern Beauty Photo Shoot session with Miss Jennifer.

Modern Beauty is about capturing the beauty of the face, body and pose without revealing to much skin.  This type of portrait session is to empower and give you confidence.  It's also used for online profiles to show your best face forward.  It's a representation of who you are and an image you want to share with your friends.

Here is the Before/After shots:

MUA: StephanieMUA: Stephanie

Hair and Make Up by:  Stephanie Dawn

Our Award Winning Professional makeup artist travels around the world and have worked with models, celebrities, TV shows and everyday women.


Or Studio now has 4 different rooms with different backdrops and lighting equipment to make the subject look their best!

We also added a Red Velvet Victorian Couch, perfect for elegant poses, boudoir, fashion and beauty sessions.

Women of all ages should get their beauty makeover for themselves.  You just never know there is a glamorous person underneath the everyday look.  Spoil yourself or Surprise someone with these photos.

If you have any questions or like to book a Dream Come True Modern Beauty or Boudoir Makeover Photo session, please contact us!

Prices and packages on the Boudoir page:

Poetic Photo Professionals - Atlanta, GA

Trust me, these photos will amaze you!



Self Portraits (Headshot, Model, Personal Blog Profiles)

August 21, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Self Portraits


When you look in the mirror, you see yourself, but do you really see the real you?

I'm not trying to be confusing.  I'm just saying that most people don't see their true beauty inside or how the world sees them.  When you book a self portrait photo session with us, it is the photographer's job to bring out the best in your features.


What's the difference between:  Headshot, Model, and Personal Profiles?  Which Portrait package is right for me?


1. Headshot - This is usually for business professionals.  (Ex. Doctors, Lawyers, CEO, Real Estate Agents, Writers, Church Leaders, Business Executives, or someone who is applying for a new job).  Photos are usually attached to resumes, business cards, powerpoint presentations and business reading materials.  If you are a man, you should wear a solid color button front shirt, prefer white or a color that looks best with your skin tone, a matching tie and a business jacket.  Hair is clean and neat, face is neat and shaven.  Included in your photo shoot, we also retouch the photos by removing small blemishes.  If you are a woman, a button up shirt or blouse, suit or jacket and minimal jewelry looks nice.  Hair and makeup is nice and not too excessive.  This is your opportunity to put your best face on and represent who you are to the world.  Your smile should be genuine and have confidence in what you do.  Your smile should say you are approachable, friendly and please contact us for your business.  Most of these sessions are between 15 to 25 minutes.  Please make sure to bring your own clothes, hair and makeup already done so we can begin the photo shoot as soon as you arrive to the studio.




2. Model - If you are a model, musician, actor/actress doing an audition, someone is going to ask you for a Model headshot.  These photos are mainly focusing on the "talent" of the model.  Showing different sides of the face and upper body, usually from waist up but sometimes can be full body.  The talent agency or judges will be looking for someone with a certain look.  All looks are good, but you never know what look they are searching for.  What to wear??  We suggest a simple shirt with no graphics or logos on the front.  Hair and make-up should be simple or none.  If you are an actor, be ready to pose different expressions (Example:  surprised, sad, annoyed, angry, funny, laughter, embarrassed, and so on.)  Sometimes your hands might be in the picture, so be sure to have your nails clean and well manicured.  Bring your own props:  hats, musical instrument, costume, glasses, etc.  Most of these sessions can be 30-minutes to 1-hour depending how many photos you need.  Please check our photo packages to see what is right for you.  If you need the photos to be customized with a name, please let us know your requirements before booking the service.  Also 1-2 outfit changes are allowed for the 1-hr sessions.



3. Personal Profiles - AKA "Selfies".  People love to take photos of themselves, why not get them done professionally.  Personal profiles are good for social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, personal blogs, or just a way to have an updated photo of yourself.  If you are reaching a milestone in your life or career, celebrating a new birthday, just lost a lot of weight, single, recently divorced, or just because, this is the type of photo shoot for you.  Some women like to get a picture of them every 6 months, others want to capture the beauty before they start to show wrinkles.  If you are a single man, this is great to add to your dating profile.  No matter what shape or size, everyone should have one good photo of themselves.  Personal profiles can be taken in studio, outdoors, at your own home.  What to wear?  We prefer these type of photo shoots to be fun, casual, fashionable and fully clothed.  Consider this a fun glamour shot.  We recommend that you get professional hair and makeup done.  Most of these sessions take time to get the right poses down on camera, we also suggest you carefully select what type of clothes look best on you.  Get a second opinion from a friend  or relative.  To get the most out of your session, we also recommend you look online on google or Pinterest for ideas what types of poses you like.  Search for your favorite classic actor or actress and please share with the photographer before starting the session, we can't read your mind and what you like, a picture is worth a thousand words.


I hope you like some of these examples.  Please let me know if this blog was helpful in selecting what type of self portrait session you need.  If I missed something, please call or email us and we can help you choose what session is best for you.    Thanks for reading and I hope one day to meet you soon!


Blog by:  Eve R.

Atlanta Professional Photographers

Poetic Photo

Our Story {a Husband and Wife Photographer team}

August 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When booking your wedding photographer it is important to get to know "who" you are working with and that your personalities and style matches what you are looking for.  Look through examples of our wedding photos and point out images you want for your wedding.  This would require the bride and groom sitting down and deciding what shots you want on your wedding day.  Some poses might require you to practice beforehand to get the right angle.  (Example:  The dip, most brides want an elegant pose of her husband holding her with one shoe pointing out.)


I also want to point out that if you want a full coverage of your wedding day, you will need two photographers.  In this blog, I would like to share with you what's it like working with my husband, Myles.

Let's take a look at the Wedding we did this spring for Bryan and Toi.


Time:  Sat. March 16th, 4:00 PM.

The photographers were asked to arrive at the hotel at 4:00PM.  Myles dropped me off at the hotel lobby, then he is off to meet with the groom and grooms party at another location.  The bride shows up and I followed her to the hotel room where the bridesmaids are getting ready.  The bride was very organized and had all her stuff for me to start taking pictures.  She already had her hair and makeup already done, all she needed to do was get into her dress.  

Important shots that I always make sure to capture are the wedding details:  Dress, Veil, Headpiece, Shoes, Jewelry, Garter, Undergarments for the honeymoon (if any), Bridesmaids dresses next to Bride's dress, Bridesmaids shoes next to Bride's shoes.  Close-ups of the rings, then flowers and different artistic views of the rings with the flowers or shoes.  I also ask for anything with the Bride and Groom's name or wedding date on it.  It could be their invitation, wedding program, signs directing the guests where to go, anything that is "personalized" are all important shots I capture.

Since the bride and groom's family are from Atlanta, I made sure to include the city scape of buildings as the background for the flowers.



While I am still taking photos of the details, I ask the bridesmaids to get ready and get into their dress first before the Bride.   The reason is so I can take pictures of the bridesmaids already dressed helping the bride get ready.  After the wedding day is over, the bride will want memories of her closest friends with her one last time.  I also ask the bride to designated each person to help her.  (Example:  Maid of honor, putting on the garter, Bridesmaid putting on shoes, Mother of the Bride, put on jewelry, necklace, earrings, bracelet, and so on.)  Once we have assigned the jobs, the process goes by smoothly.

Time:  5:00PM

While the bridesmaids are getting ready, the bride was calm and was making sure we are all on schedule.  After I was done with the detail pics, I had a few extra time to take photos of the bride.  We even sneaked in a little boudoir session to surprise the groom. So if you are wanting some wedding boudoir, make sure you have time for it.  I ask that the bedroom and bed be free of clutter, a simple white sheet over it will be just fine.  Bride standing by a large window or mirror is also very flattering.

After everyone was dressed it was time to go downstairs to the lobby and wait for the limo to arrive.  I usually get inside the elevator with the bride and take photos of everyone all squished together and different shot of their reactions.  I also try to go ahead of the wedding party so I can take a picture of the different angles of the bride and party walking towards me.  Without knowing the hotel that well, I had to make a quick decision where to start taking group photos.  We were lucky there is a nearby water fountain across the parking lot.  We tried to find a spot that is not in direct sunlight so the white dress is not blown out.

When taking bridesmaids photos, I like to include their shoes in the photos:


I also like to take photos of the bride's interaction with children, children playing and all dressed up.  Children play an important part in weddings, bringing good luck to the wedding couple if they plan to have children.

Time:  6:00PM

The limo arrives and it's time to go to the wedding venue.  One thing to plan is make sure I have transportation to the wedding.  I got to sit in the front next to the driver.  

By this time, my husband has already taken photos of the groom and groomsmen.  He is taking pictures of the wedding ceremony setup and the details.


At this time, the bride is hiding inside the limo, while the bridesmaids got out and prepare to line up ready for the ceremony.  Guests are starting to arrive and be seated.  The coordinator comes out and there was a bit of waiting time.  Once the groom and groomsmen are inside the ceremony, the bride gets out of the limo and gets her mind ready for the walk down the aisle.  This can be a very emotional time and we all have to be calm and patient.  

As the bride's photographer, I stay a few feet back to get the details of the back shots.  My husband is already inside the venue and will take the front shots when the curtain opens.  

When the ceremony starts, I quickly get to the front aisle and get low to the ground away from view.  Myles is still in the back of the room with his telephoto lens.  I have my telephoto lens as well, to make sure I have close-up shots of the ring exchange and close-up face shots.

Time:  7:30PM

Immediately after the ceremony, it was photographers time to take photos of the wedding party.  We always try to get the older parents and children taken first so they don't have to stand outside too long.  Then we take shots of the groomsmen with the wedding couple.  With a large group, I changed my lens back to the wide angle lens and re-adjust my setting for the outdoor.  We make sure to include formal and funny shots.  While I am setting the camera ready, Myles is lining up the party and arranging them and directing them how to stand, etc.

After the group shots are done, it is time for the bride and groom session.  We look for the sunset and different parts of the location to capture the mood.

Our favorite is the ring shot.

Time:  8:15PM

The coordinator comes out again, the guests are already seated at their tables ready for the dinner party to begin.  Luckily, the wedding ceremony and reception are at the same place, so we were lucky to spend more time with the wedding couple.  More time with couple means more different shots.  Tip:  When planning your wedding, try to avoid driving time so you get more photos.

It is time to announce the new Mr. and Mrs.  Also their First Dance as a married couple, then followed by Father-Daughter dance and then Son-Mother dance.

After the dance, the wedding couple sits down for dinner.  We continue to take photos around the dinner table, capturing the yummy food, while you can still see the steam coming out.  The wine glasses, the guest table and table decoration.  All this planning and money spent on your wedding, you will want memories what food you ate that day!


At this time, I finally get to sit down, and the camera is turned off.  We changed the batteries for the flash and check our settings for the night time.  I got a plate of food after the buffet line starts to clear and the guests already got their food.  We ate really fast, probably in 10-minutes or so.  Sometimes I eat first and Myles is still taking pictures of the guests.  Then after I am done eating it was my turn to take photos of the kids dancing on the dance floor.

After the bride and groom are done with their dinner.  They mingle with their guest and we basically follow them around, just in case they needed some group photos of them with their friends.  

Time:  8:45PM

We noticed the sun was setting and starting to get dark so Myles pulled the bride and groom aside to take one last outdoor shot.  Myles found a lamp post behind the building.  It was actually in a shopping mall, but we found a spot that you can't even tell it's in a shopping area.  I was in the ballroom in the dark, so Myles did not know where I was.  I was still taking pics of the kids dancing and totally entertained by them dancing to gangam style and Michael Jackson songs.

Time:  9:30PM

Then it was time for the speech.  With this location, the setup was hard to get the Best Man and the wedding couple in one photo.  We noticed the mirror on the wall, so that's how we got to capture this shot.

Time:  10:00 PM

Then it was Cake Cutting Time.  This is a gorgeous cake with bible verses on it.  We never know what's going happen, so we set our cameras ready for surprises!

We continue to walk around, taking photos of the guests, couples, children and anyone that want to get their picture taken.  Tip:  To all the young brides, if there is a photo you must have with a special guest or family member, make sure to speak up and grab the photographer.  You paid us to be there so please be forward with us with what you want on your wedding day.  Don't get upset if we don't have the shot you want because you never told us beforehand.  Sometimes the bride or groom is busy talking to guest, you are missing out on your photo opportunity.

Time:  11:00PM

Finally it was the traditional Bouquet Toss and the Garter Toss.  We get to take photos of the reactions and fun side of the bride and groom.

Time:  11:45PM

Lastly, it was the grand exit with bubbles and saying good bye to the guests.  A great way to end the day and the beginning of a "happily ever after" story.  We like to thank Bryan and Toi for letting us be your wedding photographers and sharing your story.  You have made our work easy to work with nice, courteous people like you.

It was a 30-min drive going back home, it was past midnight, I took a shower, changed into my PJs and fell asleep fast.  It normally takes me a week to recoup but with so many weddings back to back I got used to the routine and normally need a day to get my body back to normal.  

What you don't know is after I uploaded all the images to my computer, I spend about 1-2 weeks going through each image and edit them.  For a full 8-hr wedding we usually get around 800 to 1200 photos.

If you or someone you know needs a hardworking, dedicated wedding photographer, please consider us and set up a consultation meeting to see if we are the right photographer for you.


Myles and Eve

Atlanta Wedding Photographers




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