Exclusive Custom Wedding Albums by Poetic Photo Professionals. 

Our prices are dramatically discounted and therefor only offered to clients of Poetic Photo Professionals Wedding Photography Services.

Poetic Photo Professionals offers the Bella Wedding Album as our Standard Wedding Album included with most of our wedding photography packages

Additionally Poetic Photo Professionals offer personalized hand crafted elegant wedding albums for the discerning bride. No two albums are alike, each album is handcrafted by leather or silk book binding artisans. Our Wedding Album artisans have years of experience of create the perfect wedding album for you. Our experienced wedding album designers will create a beautiful layout, telling the story of your perfect wedding day. 

You do not have to purchase one of our albums to have Poetic Photo Professionals as your wedding photographers. There are tons of alternatives that are cheeper. Poetic Photo Professionals is not in the business of stocking standard off the shelf wedding album products available everywhere in the market we select only the best and our prices reflect the quality of our wedding album products. Compared to simular quality we usually win on price and customer support. 

Poetic Photo Professionals offers two types of premium wedding album finishes Genuine Leather and Japanese Silk. 

Custom Leather Wedding Albums

Exotic Leather Wedding Album Croc Leather Wedding Photo Album

Exotic Leather Wedding Album Exotic and Ornate Wedding Album

Prices for our custom wedding albums:

Custom Leather Wedding Album Prices

  20  30  40  50 60
8" x 10" $275 $325 $375 $425 $450
8" x 12", 9" x 12" $330 $378 $425 $475 $520
9.5" x 13, 10" x 12" or 13"    $355 $415 $475 $535 $595


Add $60 for elegant or exotic leathers

Price is for Album does not include required wedding album design cost. Design cost listed below. 

Custom Silk Wedding Albums

Japanese Silk Wedding Album Japanese Rust Silk Wedding Album

Custom Japanese Silk Wedding Album Prices

  20 30 40 50 60
8" x 10" $395 $449 $490 $539 $585
8" x 12", 9" x 12" $415 $469 $510 $559 $615
9.5" x 13, 10" x 12" or 13"    $450 $510 $570 $630 $690


Price is for the Handcrafted Album does not include required wedding album design cost. Design cost listed below. 


If you see something you like but it's not exactly what you're looking for call us at 678.231.4440 and our photographers will let you know what other options we have available. 

Price is for Album does not include required wedding album design cost. Design cost listed below. 

Album Design Cost: (Includes up to 3 revisions) (Must be added to every wedding album purchase) 
Up to 30 slides $119
Up to 60 slides $150
$7 for each additional slide

Included in every album:
Liquid Lamination - One on every page - Help perserve the image quality
Velvet lined Exclusive Presentation Box
Velvet wrap with a elegant bow


Poetic Photo Professionals is a proud member of the Wedding & Portait Photographers International Association. 

Poetic Photo Professionals is a Proud Member of the Professional Photographers Association of America. 

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Questions and Answers on Poetic Photo Professionals Wedding Albums.

Q.) Do I get to review the wedding album design layout before it is printed?
A.) Yes, you will be able to review and make up to three revisions on the album design layout. 

Q.) I've seen simular products for twice the price, why are you SOO inexpensive?
A.) This is not a primary business for us, we only offer this service at the request of our brides. 

Q.) Why do you charge for the design and album?
A.) Some of our competitors make you buy their albums and then include part of the design in their bloated photography cost. We keep those appart and do not require our brides to purchase a album from Poetic Photo Professionals. Because of this our brides occasionally want us to use a different album than what we offer and its important to make sure that the bride understands the cost associated with the album and the album layout design. 

Q.) Will I be able to inspect the album before selecting?
A.) No, the albums are all handcrafted originals and no two albums are the same. Each album is commissioned and then handcrafted at the brides requests. The images you have above capture the what they look like. Pick the album that best fits your style and let our artisans work their craft for you. 

Q.) Why don't you have cheaper options?
A.) You can get cheaper albums anywhere.. we could go to amazon or a wholesaler and offer hundreds of options but that's not what we do. We aren't a large chain store. We are a small photography studio in Atlanta researching and stocking hundreds of cheep albums just doesn't fit our business model. If you select us as your wedding photographers you can use whatever album you want that you find online for your wedding album. 

Q.) What if I see another album on a different website I like, can you make it for me?
A.) If its another photographers website more than likely we can get it for you. If it is on a retailers website we suggest you just purchase it directly from them. 

Q.) Do you have other options than what's on this page?
A.) Yes, we have custom designed wedding albums as an option.

Q.) Do you have more pictures of the albums?
A.) We have a larger picture for each album.