Hello and Welcome!  I'm so glad you have decided to book your Newborn Lifestyle session with me!


To get you and myself prepared, I'll like to to know a few things about you!

Name, Email

Who will be included in the session

Baby's gender and full name

Birth info: Date, Time, Weight, Length

Which room have the best light/biggest window

Do you have any favorite poses you like me to capture?

Favorite color or props you like to use?

Favorite Disney or Cartoon Character?

CHECKLIST for the day of the photo shoot:

-Space:  Let's choose a room with the biggest window.  It could be the family room, kitchen, master bedroom, baby's nursery.

I will also be bringing my studio backdrops and lights but we will need a space for small family group shots and individual baby shots.


-Feedings:  Try to keep baby awake for at least 1-2 hrs before the session, this will make sure they are very sleepy and we can get those sleepy images.

Feed baby right before the session and have a pacifier on hand.


-Clothing:  Choose colors you like or match your home decor.  Stay away from busy prints (stripes, dark, bold, logos).

Mom: I recommend wearing a long maxi dress or flowing romantic top.  If you have a strapless tube top or something off the shoulders, that would be great.  I love poses with the shoulder and baby's head peaking out.

Dad: Wear simple and casual but if you like to wear suit, that is okay, too!

Baby Boy:  naked baby poses first, then swaddle in a wrap (choose natural colors), then props like crochet hats or custom made outfits, etc.

Baby Girl:  naked baby poses first, then swaddle in a wrap (choose colors that match your decor, lace for girls), then props like headbands, tutus and diaper covers.


-Props:  If you have a special heirloom or things you like to include, we will do our best to include them.  It's always good to have a variety of baskets or blankets to help accessorize the session.  If you have questions about anything, just let me know!