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Terrance and Desiree Bellock

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Guestbook for Wedding Terrance Desiree
~ Mr. & Mrs. Tami & Jamaal Ellis~(non-registered)
WOW - what a GREAT Wedding this was!!
We were very honored to have attended and celebrated with Desiree and Terrance as family! We (as Newly Weds ourselves) Pray Blessings, Long Life of Marital Bliss and Lots of "Well Behaved!' kids over you!!

Remember your ABCs!...
A - Keep God in the Center of your Marriage! (Amen!) ..
B - Unconditionally Love & Treat Her As a Queen! (Amen!) ...
C - Unconditionally Love & Respect Him like a King! (Amen!) ...
... and You willl NEVER Go Wrong!

Blessings & Many Years 2 Come!
~Jamaal & Tami~ (Cuz)
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