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Too often couples decide to skimp on wedding pictures, believing that they can save money by having a family member or close friend do it with a cheap point and click camera. But, the truth is, there is no substitute for a professional wedding photographer's work. Professional wedding photographers from Poetic Photo Professionals are trained to capture your most intimate moments beautifully. Our work stops time, ensuring that your memories of that special day will never fade. There are no Atlanta wedding photographers which can compare to those of us here at Poetic Photo Professionals in terms of vision, professionalism, or style. That is why we are the only licensed wedding photographers in Atlanta that give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our wedding photography services and packages. 

We have been producing professional photographs for weddings in Atlanta for more than ten years. With decades of experience comes not only a unique perspective, but a well honed instinct for being in the right place at the right time to capture your perfect wedding photos. Our professional wedding photographers have experience with big weddings, small weddings and everything in between, and will make sure that your images are one of a kind and reflect your personal style.


We have built wedding photographer packages that will fit into every budget. We want to insure that every customer leaves pleased and has a photographic time capsule of the wedding's major moments. Moments like the look on the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time, the tear in a bride's eye as her father kisses her cheek, and the flower girl dancing in the aisle happen for only a brief second and then are gone forever. Using our professional wedding photographers can insure that each of these moments are captured to perfection, so that you never forget every second of your wedding and you will be able to share those moments with your great grandchildren decades in the future. Our packages also include a variety of extras, like a huge amount of digital photos included, that would cost significantly more if purchased from other Atlanta Wedding Photographers Studios. Wedding packages include posed images, traditional shots of the wedding party, untraditional creative poses, candid photographs with a more intimate feel, photo-journalistic wedding photography, and action poses during the ceremony and reception.


Poetic Photo Professionals focuses on the Greater Atlanta Area and surrounding areas but we will travel for the right wedding if we are available. Most Atlanta Wedding Photographers do not have the experience with the local surroundings or have close relationships with the top venues that we do. Because we are familiar with many of Atlanta's most favored wedding locations, we can move around the area with ease, remaining a part of the background at the wedding, and taking beautiful pictures without distracting from the ceremony. That being said we are just as comfortable at backyard weddings, and are familiar with the Atlanta outdoors allowing us to make the most of Atlanta's natural beauty.


Finally, Poetic Photo Professionals offers engagement photographers for pre-wedding pictures in the Atlanta area. Let our engagement photographers capture you both at your best with indoor or outdoor couples poses perfect to send out with save the date announcements, and to display at receptions and showers. Packages are available which pair the images taken by engagement photographers with those taken by Atlanta wedding photographers to create a complete collection of images reflecting your commitment of love to one another.


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*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Name Wedding Photography by the hour The 2024 Silver Atlanta Wedding Photographers Package The 2024 Gold Atlanta Wedding Photographers Package The 2024 Platinum Atlanta Wedding Photographers Package
Number of Photographers 1 1 2 2
Certified and licensed wedding photographers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hours of wedding photographers coverage

Hourly 2 hour minimum
(travel not included)

Complete Wedding Coverage


Complete Wedding Coverage


Complete Wedding Coverage


Engagement Photo Session Not Included

Not included

60 minute engagement photography session is included. 

$50 upgrade for paparazzi engagement session


90 minute session with professional wedding engagement photographer or 60 minute paparazzi engagement session

Our engagement photographers cover all of Metro Atlanta

*NEW*  Drone Video No No

15 minute

Drone video or still shot (Outdoor wedding only, must get approved by venue)

25 minute
Drone video or still shot
(Outdoor wedding only, must get approved by venue)
Trash the Dress Photo Session No No


Trash the Dress Photo Session in Atlanta included in package

Professional Wedding Photographers Coverage Area

Call for wedding photography coverage areas

We provide professional wedding photographers for all greater metro Atlanta and north Georgia weddings. 

Professional wedding photographers included for all greater metro Atlanta and north Georgia weddings

Provides professional wedding photographers for all of Georgia.
(additional fees may apply)

Number of wedding photos taken at wedding  Unlimited

Unlimited wedding photos

Unlimited wedding photos

Unlimited wedding photos
Number of wedding reception photos by our photographers Unlimited

Unlimited wedding reception photos

Unlimited wedding reception photos

Unlimited wedding reception photos

Leather Wedding Album Included No Handcrafted leather wedding album included

Handcrafted leather wedding album included

Handcrafted leather wedding album included

Type of Wedding Photograph Editing Included None Light Touchup and Photoshop Editing of wedding photos Full Photoshop Editing of wedding photos Full Photoshop Editing of wedding photos
Credit toward prints (excludes frames, speciality items and tax) No No $100 $200

All images available to view and share online.

Ability to post wedding photos from gallery to  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other sites with one click access.

Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Full Size Wedding photos available for download with rights to print Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wedding photos of your choice delivered on CD No - Downloadable


Yes Yes
Included Wedding Photo book of 20 pages for bride and grooms parents (Limit 40 photos) No Available to purchase separately Available to purchase separately Yes
100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your wedding photographs? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional discounts on prints of all of your wedding photographs 5% 10% 20% 25%
Our Atlanta Wedding Photography Prices $550 and up (can be customized to fit your budget) $1095 and up (we can customize to fit your budget) Call for a quote! Call for a quote!

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All of our wedding photography packages includes three different styles of professional wedding photography: 
-Photojournalistic wedding photography which also known as candid wedding photography. We take pictures of you while your in action at your wedding, not posing.
-Traditional wedding photography - These are your traditional posed wedding photography portraits
-Modern artistic wedding photography - This is the latest in wedding photography. This style of wedding photography is using things like high dynamic range (HDR) wedding photography, black, white and color monochrome wedding photography, non-traditional wedding posing and artistic lighting. 


Atlanta Professional Wedding Photography Collage in Atlanta

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 Call today to schedule your professional wedding photography with one of our professional photographers.  20% of your selected package price is due at the time of booking to hold your date with your personal wedding photographers and is not refundable. The balance is due the date the wedding photo shoot is scheduled.  Prices for your professional wedding packages do not include applicable sales tax of 7% or any shipping fees. Interest fees of 10% per month will be accessed on any unpaid balance after the wedding date. 

Professional wedding photography is also known as:

- Marriage photography or Marriage portraits / portraiture 
- Wedding Day photography or Wedding Day portraits / portraiture
- Engagement Photographs or Portraits 
- Bridal photography or bridal portraits / portraiture
- unique wedding photography or unique wedding portraits / portraiture
- modern wedding photography or modern wedding portraits / portraiture

To help you in selecting your wedding photographer, we’ve put together a list of ten critical questions you should ask your wedding photographer and our answers to those questions so  you understand in detail why you should choose Atlanta's Poetic Photo Professionals to be your wedding photographers. 


#10  Q: Do you have samples of your wedding photography photos I can see?
A: Yep, we do look above. :-) More photos are available to view with an appointment to reserve your wedding date. 

#9   Q: What steps do you take to protect my wedding photographs and how long do you archive them? 
We archive your wedding photos for up to 3 years and are available on request via our website. 

#8    Q: Do you use professional-quality cameras capable of capturing great wedding mages in all lighting conditions, or do you use consumer-level cameras? 
A: Yes we use ONLY Canon's professional photographer camera's for all of our wedding photography needs. 

#7    Q: Will I be working with my wedding photographer from start to finish or have to deal with different people?
A: You will deal with one person your main wedding photographer from start to finish.  

#6    Q: How will I get access to my final wedding photos and what format will they be in?
A: We will provide access to your wedding photos via our website. Your wedding photos will be provided to you in Large JPG format.

#5    Q: What is the maximum amount of time I will wait to see proofs of our wedding photos? 
A: We will have proofs of your wedding photos available for you to view online within one to two weeks after your wedding.

#4    Q: Do you print the wedding photos yourself or do you use a professional photography lab or a consumer hobbyist photofinisher like one of the big box stores (AKA Walmart)?
A: We use a professional photo labs for all of our wedding photograph print products. 

#3    Q: What is your artistic wedding photography style? Do you shoot traditional wedding poses, or have a more photojournalistic approach, is it something more modern or is it mixed?
A: Your wedding photographer will use what is known as the "New Modern Wedding Photography" style which combines Fashion Wedding Photography, Glamour Wedding Photography, Traditional Wedding Photography Poses, Photojournalistic Wedding Photos and High Dynamic Range Wedding Photography. 

#2    Q: How do you manage distracted or uncooperative subjects for our wedding photos or "bridezillas".
A: We will do our best to accommodate and tolerate wedding party members and guests that are uncooperative. We ask that the bride select one person who is in charge that we can go to if needed to escalate an issue and we will leave it up to that person to handle the situation. We will not tolerate verbally or physically abusive guests, grooms or brides. 

And perhaps the most important thing you need to discuss with your photographer …

# 1    Q: What happens if there’s an equipment failure, or some other unforeseen issue at our wedding? 
A: We have backup equipment with us to take your wedding photographs as and have been doing this so long we haven't had an unforeseen issue in a very long time. We are so prepared that one of your wedding photographers is even a ordained non-denominational minister that can conduct your wedding if needed. 

Poetic Photo Professionals is a proud member of the Wedding & Portait Photographers International Association as a Licensed Professional Wedding Photographer. 

Poetic Photo Professionals is a Proud Member of the Professional Photographers Association of America. 

Member, Professional Photographers of America

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Don't trust your wedding to some national company that outsources your wedding to the cheapest photographer. Trust Atlanta's Local Wedding Photographers, Poetic Photo Professionals. 

Q&A for Wedding Photography by Poetic Photo Professionals. 


Q.) What does your included wedding Album look like?

A.) We offer the 8 x 10 Poetic Photo Professionals Wedding Photo Album in multiple colors (Choose Black or Ivory).


  • Ring bound, slip-in pocket pages for easy organizing and crystal clear photo viewing.
  • Add $35 more to personalize with the wedding name and date (Choose Silver or Gold for the lettering).
  • Includes 30 4x6, 4x7 photo pages for 120 Photos and 60 Photo Notes.


Wedding Album Wedding Album


Q.) Do you offer other wedding albums for our wedding photos?

A.) Yes we offer handcrafted leather and silk custom wedding albums for your wedding photos. You can check our out handcrafted wedding albums here.

Q.) Does your wedding photographers photoshop our wedding photos to take out any unwanted wrinkles or blemishes in our wedding photos?

A.) Yes. We use photoshop and other programs to remove wrinkles and unwanted blemishes of your wedding photos as much possible while still maintaining a wedding portrait  that looks like you that doesn't have the plastic look to it.  

Q.) Do you charge a deposit for your wedding photographers?

A.) Yes. All wedding photographers time require a deposit to cover the cost of our wedding photographers time. We charge 25% of the wedding photography package price you selected. 

Q.) Is the deposit refundable if I cancel my wedding?

A.) No, the deposit for your wedding photographers session is not refundable. You must cancel 24hrs before the scheduled photo shoot or you may charged additional fees for travel fees if we get to your wedding and it is cancelled. ($50 per hour for round trip travel per photographer)

Q.) What if I cancel once you get here for my wedding photo shoot?

A.) We charge you the deposite plus $50 per hour per wedding photographer for our travel which covers round trip travel to and from our studio. 

Q.) Can I reschedule my wedding photography date? 

A.) Yes but the deposit for the wedding photographers still is due. (if it is an emergency situation we usually can work with you if given enough notice) 

Q.) Do you have other wedding photos we can review?

A.) Yes, we don't put them all online for everyone to see as we have had several of our photos show up on other local websites without our approval.  Please call to schedule an appointment to view more of our wedding photos and to reserve your wedding date. 

Q.) Does your wedding photography packages come with an engagement session. 

A.) Some of our wedding photography packages come with a engagement photo session with your wedding photographer. Please call for more information about our engagement photo sessions. 

Q.) Where will you take the engagement photo sessions or engagement photographs? 

A.) Your engagement photographer will help you pick a place for your engagement photographs. As your engagement photographers we know tons of great locations across the metro Atlanta area for you to take great engagement photos. 

Q.) Do the engagement photos come with any prints?

A.) Some of our engagement photo sessions come with prints and some it is extra. All of our wedding package and engagement sessions provide a discount for any wedding or engagement photos you decided print.